The final four

This is it. The final four days of the May 2017 election season. We just sent out the first canvass teams of the weekend — our last-minute effort to remind library supporters to get out and vote. While we are only a handful of days away, there’s still time for volunteers to make a difference.

Spots are open for our canvass this afternoon, tomorrow’s canvass, and the election eve Get Out The Vote phone bank at the library. Just drop by campaign headquarters at 535 Foundry Street or call our campaign coordinator at 503-927-8189. We’ll get you equipped to talk with voters in your neighborhood who have yet to turn in their ballots.

Many of our supporters have donated, volunteered, and written letters to the editor to help pass Measure 17-79. We are honoring their commitment by not leaving this election to chance. We will be working tirelessly until 7 pm on Election Day to build a strong foundation for a better library.